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Miami Herald Reflects on Douglas Busch’s Roots Ahead of Genos Center Buildout

The Genos Center, founded by world-renowned photographer and architectural designer Douglas Isaac Busch, recently received a feature in the Miami Herald. The article reflects on the incredible work that Doug has done throughout his career and how it has led to the development of the Genos Center.

Doug is an American photographer, inventor, teacher, and architectural designer who is known for using the world’s largest portable view cameras. He has been photographing for over 50 years and his work has been featured in numerous publications around the world. His passion for photography has also inspired him to create innovative inventions such as a new type of camera lens and a unique film developing technique.

The mission of the Genos Center is to teach tolerance through the power of art inspiring reflection and allowing visitors to form new ties between cultures. The center will be built with an initial commitment of over $1 Million from Doug himself and The Genos Center Foundation. It will use art to raise awareness, promote healing, and bring people together worldwide.

We are excited to see what this amazing project will become once it is completed. We are grateful for all of Doug’s hard work that has gone into making this dream a reality and we look forward to seeing what else he can accomplish in his career.

Read the full story at: New Genos Center Aims to Teach Tolerance Through Power of Art with Goal of Eradicating Genocide Worldwide

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