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About The Genos Center

Multicultural Art Gallery, Non-Denominational Chapel & Reflective Gardens

The Genos Center is a multicultural art center, nondenominational chapel & reflective gardens focused on eradicating genocide worldwide in development with founder and architectural designer Douglas Isaac Busch.

The mission of the Genos Center Foundation is to teach tolerance, inspire reflection and allow visitors to form new ties between their understanding of history and their emotional subconscious through the power of art.

Our vision is for visitors to see the artwork and the world from a new perspective. Through art we can raise awareness, understanding and promote healing as we recognize not only the past but the present.

Genos Center will serve as a voice for many who are not heard. In the last century alone over 50 Million lives have been unjustly taken. If genocidal policies and colonialism continue, some groups of people will cease to exist.


Art has the unique ability to humanize the victims of genocide and bring their stories to life in a way that mere words cannot. We hope that by using art as a tool for education, we can help people understand the gravity of genocide and inspire them to take action to prevent it.

Douglas Isaac Busch

Founder & Architectural Designer

Genos Center

Project Renderings