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Genos Center Featured in The Jerusalem Post

We are proud to announce that the Genos Center project was recently featured in The Jerusalem Post. This article highlighted our project to create a multicultural art gallery, non-denominational chapel and reflective gardens which will serve as a memorial to the victims of genocide around the world while teaching tolerance through art and education.

The Genos Center will be an interactive experience that allows visitors to explore the history of genocide and its effects on individuals, families, and communities. It will feature artwork that cultivates new thoughts and opinions against preconceived notions. We believe this project is important for educating people about the devastating impact of genocide, and for honoring those who have suffered from it.

Our goal is to create a space where people can come together to learn about genocide, reflect on its consequences, and take action against it in their own lives. We hope that by creating this memorial we can help bring attention to the issue of genocide and inspire people to work towards preventing it in the future.

We are grateful for The Jerusalem Post’s support of our project, and we look forward to continuing our work towards creating a lasting memorial for those affected by genocide around the world.

Read the full story at: Genos Center Foundation Announces Campaign For Genocide Art Gallery & Gardens

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