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Our Curation Process

In an effort to bring a unique and diverse perspective to the curation process and promote tolerance through art, Genos Center will be selecting different curators from around the world for every show with exhibits and shows rotating every 6 months.

Selecting Curators from Around the World for Featured Shows at Genos Center

By selecting curators from various backgrounds and cultures, we hope to create impactful exhibitions that raise awareness and promote healing related to eradicating genocides worldwide. Shows curated by different experts prove to be powerful and meaningful art experiences.

As the Genos Center continues to invite curators from around the world, visitors can expect to see a range of themes and concepts related to ending genocide showcased in unique and thought-provoking ways. Art forms will be explored to show how different cultures can blend together and create new forms of expression.

Our Art Curation Process at The Genos Center

At The Genos Center, we are committed to promoting multiculturalism and tolerance through art and education. As a multicultural art gallery, non-denominational chapel, and reflective gardens, we hope to eradicate genocides worldwide by using art as a medium of communication.

By gathering artists across all cultures globally, who share our passion for social justice and peace-building, we believe that art can be a powerful tool for promoting cultural understanding and exposing the root causes of genocide.

Our curation process is designed to select artwork that contributes to our mission and engages our visitors.

The first step in the curation process is to identify artists who share our vision of tolerance and multiculturalism. Potential artists will be evaluated based on a set of established criteria, including the quality of their artwork, the relevance to our mission, and the potential impact on our audience.

Once we have selected an artist, we work with them to prepare for their exhibition. Our curators provide guidance on exhibition design, marketing, and installation. We also encourage our artists to share their stories and perspectives with our audience, through workshops, artist talks, and other public events.

Our approach to art curation differs from other galleries and museums. Instead of focusing solely on commercial viability or aesthetic value, we aim to use art as a tool for promoting social justice. We believe that by showcasing diverse artwork that reflects personal experiences and societal perspectives, we can engage our visitors in critical conversations about issues related to genocide, discrimination, and intolerance.

Benefits for Artists and Visitors

Our approach to art curation benefits both the artists and visitors to the Genos Center.

By providing a platform for artists who advocate for social justice, we help them to reach a wider audience and connect with like-minded individuals.

For our visitors, our exhibitions offer a unique opportunity to engage with artwork that promotes empathy, understanding, and tolerance. We hope that our center will inspire visitors to take actions towards making the world a more inclusive and peaceful place.

The Art of Curation at The Genos Center

The role of an art curator is to carefully select and present works of art in a way that conveys a particular theme or message. Art curation involves the preservation of art, selecting pieces that share some commonality with one another, and presenting them in a way that evokes emotions and reactions in the audience.

At The Genos Center, we take pride in our unique approach to curation. Our team of expert curators with diverse backgrounds and perspectives work collaboratively to create thought-provoking exhibits that showcase exceptional artwork from diverse artists. We are committed to showcasing underrepresented artists that challenge the status quo and ignite new ideas.

One of the things that sets The Genos Center apart is our emphasis on immersive curation. Our exhibits are designed to transport visitors into a specific experience, taking them on a journey and capturing their imagination. We believe that this approach allows the audience to develop a deeper appreciation for the art, and fosters a connection between the viewer and the work- an unforgettable experience.

Exhibits will explore how art has transformed over time and across cultures, and how artists continue to push boundaries and evolve. Our curators carefully selected pieces that demonstrate this evolution while showcasing a diverse selection of artists, including underrepresented artists.

Curation is a crucial aspect of the art world, and The Genos Center takes a unique and immersive approach that reimagines how audiences interact with art. The result is exhibits that inspire, challenge, and spark new perspectives breaking the bonds of bigotry, ignorance, and intolerance.