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Uncovering the Uyghur Genocide: China’s Crimes Against Humanity

The Uyghur crisis in China, often referred to as the “Uyghur genocide,” has been a topic of grave concern for the international community, as millions of Uyghurs are subjected to unprecedented levels of surveillance, mass detention, and cultural eradication. Despite the mounting evidence of human rights abuses, the Chinese government continues to justify and deny…

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Native American Genocide: A Dark Legacy of Colonialism for Indigenous People

The genocide of indigenous peoples is a haunting chapter in the history of colonialism. It represents the deliberate elimination of entire indigenous communities as a means to assert dominance and control. This article delves into the concept of genocide within the context of colonialism, exploring its historical roots and the ongoing impact on indigenous populations.…

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Genos Center Founder Douglas Busch Awarded Legacy Award from University of Illinois College of Fine and Applied Arts

The Genos Center Foundation is proud to announce that our Founder & Architectural Designer Douglas Isaac Busch has been awarded the prestigious FAA Legacy Awards by the University of Illinois College of Fine and Applied Arts. This award recognizes college alumni and friends who have demonstrated courage, curiosity, and passion in their work. This award…

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