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Genos Center

The Genos Center Foundation is currently seeking Founding Partners to develop a multi-cultural art gallery, non-denominational chapel & reflective gardens focused on eradicating genocides worldwide where the past meets the present as we surge forward into the future.

Our mission is to teach tolerance and inspire reflection through the power of art. Visitors will form new ties between their understanding of history and emotional subconscious through curated shows that highlight the overlooked details of genocide sparking curiosity about human conditions and fears. 

Our vision is for visitors to see the artwork and world from a new perspective expressing emotion, provoking thought and inspiring change. Through art we can raise both awareness and understanding to promote healing as we recognize not only the past but the present.

Genos Center will serve as a voice for many who are not heard. In the last century alone over 50 Million lives have been unjustly taken. If genocidal policies and colonialism continue, some groups of people will cease to exist.


Genos Center

With complete design plans in place, the Genos Center will be highlighted by masterfully designed eco-sustainable architecture and drought tolerant landscaping features which create an enriching and enduring experience for all. The non-denominational chapel and reflective gardens extend the open-air feeling of the architecture.

The first of its kind concept will ensure that history is not erased and the memory of those impacted forever remains. The Genos Center will become a destination for international curators, educators, tourists, and those in the local community.

Along with being a space for healing, the exhibits at the Genos Center will offer a new perspective which will educate society today so that we may impact the future. Visitors will be immersed entering the galleries witnessing the transformative and educational power of art. The center will serve as both a destination for learning and space for philosophical reflection.


Teaching Tolerance
Through Art and Education

Founder & Architectural Designer

Douglas Isaac Busch

Douglas Isaac Busch is a world-renowned photographer, artist, architectural designer, inventor, teacher, gemologist and philanthropist.

Busch designs award-winning sustainable architectural structures and landscapes that blend function and form to create inspired spaces. He brings his vast knowledge and experience of green architecture, healthy housing, and sustainable landscape design to the project.

Busch will oversee the project, including renderings, architectural/structural drawings, and construction documentation. A team of leading artists working in architecture, landscape design, painting, sculpture, mixed media, and video art will collaborate with Busch to create the inaugural exhibits with each artist drawing on their unique background and viewpoint.

As an artist Mr. Busch has seen the power of art and is eager to share his expertise with the Genos Center as we work together to bring awareness, tolerance and compassion to communities through the arts.

A consummate professional who studied under Morley Baer, Al Weber, and Ansel Adams, Mr. Busch knows first hand that art can be globally loved, regardless of any notions that may have once separated people.

Genos Center

Project Renderings

Fundraising Goals

Your support as an influencer and donor will be critical as we teach tolerance through art and education to all walks of life. Full naming rights and final location are to be determined with Genos Center Foundation currently in discussion with donors and partners regarding real estate donations or preferential location.

The Genos Center Foundation will donate the complete project to an institution, foundation, or city at an agreed time along with an endowment that will maintain the building, staff it, cover taxes and other expenses where it can be sited in perpetuity, to maintain evolving exhibitions and offer a public park destination via the gardens.

This plan allows the exhibit space to be continually changing and evolving. It gives a destination to the public from around the world to seek out and observe the evolution of art, architecture and landscaping.


With an initial commitment of over $1 Million, Douglas Isaac Busch and The Genos Center Foundation understand that every genocide matters. The first phase of the project will require $2M in seed capital with a total $30M for full construction and project completion.

We are currently halfway towards our initial capital project Phase 1 goal with opportunities for an initial 50 Founding Partners at a level of $25,000 to complete the funding needed to move on to Phase 2 and implement the full project scope. We request your support as we make this vision a reality.

The social impact of your support will help raise awareness and education for genocides not only of the past such as the Holocaust, Armenian Genocide, Rwanda Genocide along with those occurring today in areas such as Myanmar (also known as Burma,) China, Ethiopia, Iraq, Syria and South Sudan.

A community will gain an eco-sustainable destination while connecting people to understand genocide and working to prevent these tragedies from happening again. As a Founding Partner your commitment to the center will be cemented through the commemorative building block upon which visitors enter the grounds in addition to a multitude of other exclusive benefits. All of this ensures that history and art remain on display.


Phase 1: Initial Project Development

The Genos Center Foundation, devoted to abolishing genocide around the globe, respectfully requests your support as your donation will complete the funding needed to implement the full project scope. 

Funding opportunities are available at all levels, including capital and endowment. Full naming rights along with additional involvement opportunities exist throughout the project allowing families, companies and organizations highlighting a commitment to changing the atrocities of the past.

We are raising a total of $2,000,000 of which we have secured 50% ($1,000,000) for foundation operations including administrative costs (office space rental, staff salaries and legal fees); marketing and outreach activities; technology infrastructure; and program development.



Phase 2: Project Implementation

Upon the assurance to acquire a flat area between 2.5 – 5 acres with easy access from Highways for the project, Doug Busch is responsible for:

  • Sourcing $30mm to finance construction
  • Gaining Planning Approval for additional two buildings and auxiliary support structures
  • Creating architectural and structural drawings of the land. Following an evaluation of these requirements, both parties will then agree on an ideal location and accessibility options for each building.
  • Obtaining full authorization from Fire, Public Health, Environmental Departments and other local County directives for the project
  • Acquiring a Building Permit from City or County representatives 
  • Procuring bids from sub-contractors and overseeing construction of the endeavor
  • Securing Certificate of Occupancy once all requirements are met
  • Engaging a team of personnel, security guards, and docents to manage the property
  • Busch curators will initiate the first art show installation and rotate new displays at least biannually.

Breaking the Bonds of Bigotry, Ignorance, and Intolerance through Education. By creating this project, we aim to demonstrate the long-standing and persistent issue of ethnic cleansing over time. We believe that art and programming are the best way to bring awareness to this important matter in order for society to effectively comprehend its severity.



Phase 3: Plans Upon Completion

Once completed, the project would be donated in-full to an institution, foundation, or city where the exhibition and chapel buildings are located where it can be sited in perpetuity, to maintain evolving exhibitions and offer a public park destination via the gardens. The Genos Center Foundation will donate the project’s buildings and gardens to the local city or jurisdiction at an agreed time as to not cause any undue hardship or time loss. This plan allows the exhibit space and chapel to be continually changing and evolving. It gives a destination to the public from around the world to seek out and observe the evolution of art, architecture and landscaping.

Project Benefits

Educational Destination for Schools & Institutions Worldwide

Multiple Tourism Revenue Streams

International Notoriety and Recognition Through Press and Media Coverage

Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hatred, and hatred leads to violence. This is the equation.

Ibn Rushd, Averroes: Antologia

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