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Ashevegas Highlights Potential for Genos Center in Asheville

The Genos Center Foundation, a California-based organization devoted to ending worldwide genocides, has recently been featured by Ashevegas, a local news and entertainment website serving the city and people of Asheville, North Carolina. The organization is planning to build a $30 million educational and art center with a potential for Asheville as a location.

The Genos Center Foundation was founded by Doug Busch, an artist and architectural designer who has dedicated his life to creating meaningful change in the world through art. His SuperLarge™ Photography Inc. focuses on creating large-scale photographs that capture the beauty of nature and humanity.

Recently, Ashevegas highlighted the potential for bringing the Genos Center to Asheville. The article discussed how this project could bring more attention to Asheville’s vibrant art community and provide a platform for artists from all over the world to share their work. It also discussed how this project could help bring awareness to global issues such as genocide and create opportunities for education about these topics.

Asheville is already home to many galleries, museums, and cultural centers that celebrate art from around the world. With the addition of the Genos Center, it would be possible for even more people to experience different cultures through art while learning about important global issues at the same time.

The Genos Center Foundation is currently working with local organizations in Asheville to make their dream of building this center a reality. If successful, it would be an incredible opportunity for both locals and visitors alike to learn more about global issues while enjoying some of the best artwork from around the world.

Read the full story at: This artist envisions an educational and art center devoted to ending worldwide genocides, and he wants to build it in Asheville

Ashevegas Genos Center Feature Story

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