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Genos Center Founder Douglas Busch Invited To Serve on Host Committee for Los Angeles Center of Photography 8th Annual Awards Ceremony & Fundraiser

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Genos Center Foundation is thrilled to announce the invitation of renowned photographer and philanthropist, Douglas Busch, to serve on the Host Committee for the Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) 8th Annual Awards Ceremony & Fundraiser. The event is set to celebrate outstanding achievements in the world of photography. LACP at 10: Celebrating a First Decade as a Non-Profit Saturday, October 21, 2023, 4-6pm.  The event will be a champagne reception, celebrating photographic heroes, marking LACP’s first decade as a non-profit and its move to Downtown LA.

Douglas Busch is acclaimed not only for his photographic prowess but also for his tireless work in the field of photography education. As the founder of the Genos Center Foundation, Busch has leverage his experience utilizing photography as an art form to become a teaching tool for education. The Genos Center Art Museum and Gardens, an initiative by Busch and the Genos Center Foundation, is a multicultural art center, non-denominational chapel and reflective gardens that aims to foster tolerance through art and education. Visitors will form new ties between their understanding of history and emotional subconscious through curated shows that highlight the overlooked details of genocide sparking curiosity about human conditions and fears. 

The LACP’s mission has always been clear – to celebrate photography and its role in shaping narratives. Through its annual awards ceremony, the organization recognizes outstanding contributors to the world of photography. This year, LACP will honor:

  • Catherine Opie with the Stieglitz Award: A recognition for photographers who, like Alfred Stieglitz, have revolutionized the way we perceive photography.
  • Rose Shoshana and Rose Gallery with the Spark Award: An award that celebrates individuals and establishments that have ignited passion and growth in the field of photography.
  • William Camargo with the JEDI Award: This award recognizes photographers who have made significant contributions in the areas of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in photography.
  • Jordie Oetken with the Emerging Voices Award: Presented to the rising stars of photography, who bring fresh perspectives and unique voices to the medium.

At the venue, LACP will showcase creations from students involved in the Center’s Outreach Program. This program provides visual literacy workshops to middle and high school students from South and East LA, aiming to inspire and uplift people and communities by fostering creativity and self-expression. In collaboration with non-profits, educational institutions, and arts groups, we curate engaging programs, educational strategies, and partnerships to reach a wider audience.

“LACP at 10 is a vibrant hub that supports photographers throughout all stages of their careers,” said Dr. Rotem Rozental, Executive Director, “we actively seek to reflect LA’s unique character in our programs, exhibitions, classes, workshops, outreach initiatives and events. This year’s Award Ceremony reflects our deep commitment to photo-based artistic production and the region that continues to inform our perspectives. We are thrilled to join DTLA with a new physical location, while continuing our online activities and connections with photographers across the country and the world.”

The event aims to honor the photography community in Los Angeles and the lively arts culture of DTLA. LACP at 10 stands as a vibrant organization motivating and connecting photographers, narrators, curators, and professionals across different levels both in Los Angeles and further afield. We warmly welcome the public to be a part of commemorating the upcoming chapter.

For more information about the 8th Annual Awards Ceremony & Fundraiser, or to purchase tickets, visit